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martes, 10 de junio de 2008

No habrá Greatest Hits 2 hasta el 2009

Jon Bon Jovi participó hace un par de días en un chat con los socios del Backstage with JBJ.En el se trataron algunos temas interesantes como el lanzamiento del Greatest Hits 2.El cantante confirmó que este no saldrá a la venta al menos hasta el próximo año y que de momento no hay planes de una nueva gira.
Además también dijo que en este momento se encontraba en España "comiendo paella y bebiendo sangría" y que entre sus ciudades favoritas se encuentra Barcelona.

Aquí está la transcripción completa del chat:


Backstage_Moderator : Hi everyone, and thanks for joining us for our Backstage Live Chat with the one and only Jon Bon Jovi. The chat will begin at 11 am ET, but please feel free to start submitting your questions early by typing them below and then clicking the ask button. We'll get to as many as we can.
Backstage_Moderator :The Live Event Chat will begin shortly! Please continue to send in your questions by typing them below and then clicking ask.

CarolineFrance: How do you decide what songs to put on the playlist during shows? According to your mood? the audience? the fan requests?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: In the afternoons, when I arrive. The base users set list remains the same. I incorporate which songs set the mood and then I change them depending on the fans banners or if the audience want more.

NikkiExeter: Do you get scared when nutters run at you on stage or won't let go of you like last night?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Not scared, just surprised I don't usually see the fans coming, so the adrenalin takes over.

meshelie: Hi Jon, Is Central Park still in the works or possibly a fan club only show that could be broadcast online? I know the last is a long shot but would rock! Thanks!
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Central Park is sitll in the works for July the 12th. It will not be a fan club only concert. It will be open to the public

Diane4bj_Darlington : What drives you and the rest of the guys show after show on a tour as big as this one is?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: We liked playing live. We always have. We built our reputation as a great live band. We don't want to disappoint our fans or ourselves.

aimee: Hi Jon, what music do you listen to to unwind and what to boost yourself?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I have about 100 dvds of a variety of bands in my dressing room. Last night's pick was Thin Lizzy from 1983.

LISE37: Hi Mr Bongiovi, How do you feel about your philly team making the playoffs and wich team do you think they could have a hard time beating i'm definitely rooting for that cup and finally if PHILLY wins will there be a special concert wink wink xo Lise37
Jon_Bon_Jovi: The soul beat Dallas last night, which was an important game for us. It gives us the best record in the AFL. You would never know in football what happens on any given Sunday. If there is an arena bowl trophy, I am open to having a special concert for our fans and hopefully a parade in Philadelphia.

mari_barcelona: Hello Jon!!! How is a normal day in your life when you aren't on tour?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: There are no normal days. There are just days w/shows and days w/out shows.

JovimimiParis: Hi Jon ,is there some songs from your huge catalogue that you really don't like anymore ?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Of course there are songs that you like more than others. There are some songs that you like to play that are probably less familiar to the audience so that restricts you playing them in certain countries and at certain shows.

mari_barcelona: Hello, Jon!!!! Which book are you reading right now?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I'm just finishing Thomas Jefferson, the Paris Years.

runaway2: Hi Jon: Are there any chances of you doing any more movies> If yes can't wait love always from Ottawa , Canada
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I'm open to the right kind of movie. In the fall but I haven't even begun to look yet.

Kattitude: Did you realise that 8 of your albums went back in the Australian charts after your tour here? Even more reason to come back!
Jon_Bon_Jovi: No I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the good news.

Emma_and_Anne: Out of all the movies you have made, which one did you enjoy the most and which one was your favorite:DWe love you xoxoxox
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I enjoyed making several of them. Little City & U-571 were probably my favorites and I can say that I have had good experiences and lessons learned from everyone.

JovimimiParis: Where di you hear Mercy from Duffy ? You are doing a TERRIFIC cover of that song ! bravo !!!
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I heard it when I was in Los Angeles in April. It sounded like a classic song. I'm happy to know the album is as good as the single

Mel_Germany: Your stage outfit is ver nice. How do you select your clothes for a show? Do you have special people which give you any recommandations or is it just your own selection?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Everything is a varying shade of black. Its quite limited. I tend to wear the same thing.

Roz_UK: Apart from family and friends, what do you miss most about home when you're touring?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: You miss all the things you are accustomed to, your clothes, your bed, your couch.

LeeSouthPlainfield: Why no Giants Stadium to end the tour?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: We wanted to do something different and the opportunity to play Central Park, sounded exciting.

LeeSouthPlainfie ld: Are you endorsing any presidential candidate?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I waited for the nominee to be set and will support the democratic nominee for President.

TiinaFinland: Have you been able to write anything for your next album while being on the road- if so what kind of songs?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I've never been one to write on the road. My days are focused on the shows. The creative focus seeps as the tour winds down.

SunshineState: Hi Jon. Are you planning to release a 2nd greatest hits album soon and if so, will there be a tour to support it? Thanks!
Jon_Bon_Jovi: There will not be a greatest hits in 08, perhaps in 09 and as of now, there are no tour plans.

Fade: Bon Jovi have always kept up with technology so for the next tour what are the chances of you selling the usb wristbands (with the live show downloaded on them) that some bands like MB20 sell at their shows
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I'm open to new technologys. I would have to see it and hear it before making a judgement on it.

LeanderLincoln: jon what is your favourite song to play live?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I don't have just one. I enjoy Whole lotta Leavin, Lost Highway, We Got It Going On and all the greatest hits.

bmontgomery: hi jon, do you own any pieces of tico's art, and if so which ya... see you guys in sarnia
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I have a couple paintings and some of his ceranmics.

fanfan: What is your principal feeling after the show?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Generally I feel great. It takes a while to come down but I'm very happy how the band is performing these days.

Veronica: Are you planning on collaborating with HELP USA or Habitat For Humanity for any more projects soon?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Yes, our next build is w/Help USA in Newark, NJ and we should be announcing that in September.

SunshineState: Hi Jon! I know there was a film crew following the band around during the 1st leg shooting a documentary with Barbara Kopple. Are they also filming for the documentary in Europe? Are you pleased with the direction the documentary is going in? And any idea when it will be released? Thanks!
Jon_Bon_Jovi: As we do this chat, the film crew is in my room, capturing this for the documentary. We hope to have this ready for next fall.

Auds_Glasgow: Hey Jon! Do you read the slogans your fans get printed on their t-shirts? What is the funnieast you've read this tour?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I do read them. I don't recall which ones were funniest but they are a good distraction.

LeanderLincoln: what was the last album you listen to?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Leonard Cohen, 10 New Songs

ChelSydney: Hi Jon, do you have any plans in buying into a baseball team now that you have mastered the football league?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: No, I'm looking for NFL football opportunities.

JovimimiParis: what do you listen in your 'ipod' (if you have one) ? who are the new arists you like
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Yesterday I said I listened to Cohen. Duffy is my favorite of the week. I'm anxious to hear the Coldplay record.

Auds_Glasgow: Do you like to sample local foods & wines when on tour? Or do you stick to your old favourites?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: No,we are in Spain right now and I've had my share of Paella & Sangria. !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Deb: Will you be filming a DVD at the Madison Square Garden shows?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: We are intending to do a shoot @ Madison Square Garden.

KathyUK: Why has the stage set up been changed with Dave and Richie on the same side?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Too give the stage balance. With Lorenza & Bobby touring now, we wanted to balance the look.

fran: do you have any regrets? ( as a musician i mean)
Jon_Bon_Jovi: No, having the opportunity to do what I love is a gift.

KathyUK: Who is the suppport act for the UK dates where the feeling are not perfomring?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: The Feeling

chicagogirl: What were some of your favorite cities/shows on this Tour?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Favorite shows, Munich, Frankfort and Dublin.Favorite cities: Vienna, Dublin and Barcelona.

AmyCoconutCreek: What is your warm-up ritual just before performing while on tour?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I warm up vocally, make the set lists, play some music, get my bones cracked and take the long walk to the stage.

Debbie46: Hi Jon, do you really recognise fans from show to show and do you realise what we go through to get the front rows?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Yeah I recognize quite a few and I can only imagine what you go through to get there.

Amani76Jovi: What inspired you to write in the very beginning?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: In order to have any career, you had to make records. You had to make records that were unique, in their sounds and their lyrical content. At this point I think, there is a very distinct BonJovi sound.

Lara: Do you plan on going to the new Hard Rock Amusement Park and ride the 'Slippery When Wet' ride? lol
Jon_Bon_Jovi: I didn't know there was a Hard Rock amusement park or a Slippery When Wet ride.

fran: have you ever regret taking one of your tattoos?
Jon_Bon_Jovi: Not really but they are like old clothes, you get tired of them.


Backstage_Moderator : Unfortunately, our time with Jon is up for today. Jon thanks so much for being here to chat with us. Do you have any final comments for all of your fans out there?

Jon_Bon_Jovi: None of them are fun to make. The Whole Lot Leaven'was fun because I actually had vocals in it.

Jon_Bon_Jovi: Thanks everyone, for your support on the Lost Highway tour. I hope we didn't disappoint anyone. We'll see you soon in New York for one hell of a wrap-up!

Backstage_Moderator : Thanks for participating, everyone!

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